Monday June 26, 2017 'WOD 6-26-17'

15 Thrusters 95/65
9 Pull Ups
200 Farmers Walk
12 Thrusters
12 Pull Ups
200 Farmers walk
9 Thrusters
15 Pull Ups
200 Farmers Walk

Saturday June 24, 2017 'MAKING COACH PROUD'

There’s no doubt that CrossFit brings people together.  Many long-term relationships have been started in the box.  For us, many of our members are more like family than those related to us by blood.  Often times, we don’t express to you how important you are to us, or don’t tell you when you’ve impressed us with your actions. Here’s to you, our members, whose actions speak louder than words and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

THANK YOU FOR TAKING CHARGE.  You know who you are, when Coach is busy talking to someone who dropped in to check us out, or had to address a member with a question. You’re the one who keeps the flow of the warm-up or skill-set going for the few minutes coach is distracted.

THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING A DROP-IN OR NEW MEMBER. You’re the first one to introduce yourself to an unfamiliar face who walks in.  You show them around, you help them set up for the WOD, you make them feel they’re at home at CFDR.

THANK YOU FOR CLEANING UP. You never forget to mop up your chalk or wipe down your ab-mat with a Clorox wipe, and you don’t just stop at your own area, you help out the member next to you.

THANK YOU FOR CHEERING ON THE UNDERDOG. You’re one of the first ones to finish the WOD, but you don’t begin cleaning up your equipment, instead you shout out positive affirmations to the remaining athletes and keep the energy high and positive so that they are encouraged to finish.

THANK YOU FOR THE REFERRAL. You talk about CFDR to everyone.  Your family, friends, co-workers are sick of hearing about CrossFit DownRiver, but that doesn’t stop you from inviting them to come in and try it, or from posting your PRs and sweaty pictures all over social media.  You’re proud to be in this community and you want those you love to be a part of it too.

YOU, our members, are what make CFDR great, and WE, your coaches, know this and appreciate all that you do to continue to keep us a step ABOVE other boxes!    THANK YOU!





Friday June 23, 2017 'WOD 6-23-17'

Clock set at 12 minute:
1 minute Dubs
1 minute DB Snatch
2 minute Dubs
2 minute DB Snatch
3 minute Dubs
3 DB Snatch
Score total reps / singles x 3,then divide by 3

Thursday June 22, 2017 'WOD 6-22-17'

5-3 minute Rds / 1 minute rest
3 PC
6 push-ups
9 Air Squats

Wednesday June 21, 2017 'WOD 6-21-17'

5 T2B
10 Deficit Push Ups
15 Back Squats 115/75
20 minute AMRAP

Tuesday June 20, 2017 'WOD 6-20-17'

10 -1 minute Rds of :
5 DL 185/155
100m run
Max effort Burpees
2 minutes rest

Monday June 19, 2017 'WOD 6-19-17'

” Fight Gone Bad ” championship version
1 minute max effort
Box jump
Push Press
5rds ( groups of 5 )

Friday June 16, 2017 'WOD 6-16-17'

30 KB Snatch ea. Arm
20 Burpees Box Jump overs
10 Ab mat sit Ups
15 minute AMRAP

Thursday June 15, 2017 'WOD 6-15-17'


20 Hang PC 115/75
10 Dips
4 Rds

Wednesday June 14, 2017 'WOD 6-14-17'

8 Split Snatch 115/75
7 Bar Muscle Ups ( keep the scaling to 7 Pull Ups and 7 Dips )
400m run

Tuesday June 13, 2017 'WOD 6-13-17'

10 – 1 minute Rds
5 Thrusters 115/75
100m run
Max Effort HSPU ( scale off box, or Deficeit Push Ups until end of minute: 2 minute rest between Rds. This is a 30 minute workout make sure you allow enough time.

Monday June 12, 2017 'WOD 6-12-17'


5 Rds
1 minute rounds of
WB 20/14
Box Jumps 24/20
Calorie Row
Score total # of reps
( try to get in groups of three)🙄