The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination. ~ Tommy Lasorda


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                                                            THE "FIRST" BOX FORGING ELITE FITNESS IN THE DOWNRIVER AREA




Welcome to CrossFit DownRiver


If this is your first time visiting our site, WELCOME!  We urge you to go through each page. There is a lot of information about CrossFit and about CrossFit DownRiver's motto, beliefs, trials, tribulations, successes and accomplishments.  Enjoy seeing what we are all about.  When you're finished, if you think we are a community you'd like to join, please give us a call or email us.  We are unique from any other training facility in the area, GUARANTEED!  Don't believe us?  Check us out.

Coach Kirk and special guest to CrossFit DownRiver, Julie Foucher, assisted at the Oly Seminar CFDR hosted.


Coach Colleen is all smiles with CrossFit legend, Doug Chapman, during the weightlifting seminar  at CFDR, which Doug taught.


Coach Nate is awe-struck  to talk and watch Julie in action while working with Doug at the Oly Seminar. 

Why CrossFit DownRiver?

In a few words: a commitment to excellence, and an infinite pursuit of supreme virtuosity.  It is well worth the thoughtful deliberation when deciding which path would be the best for you as an individual towards physical fitness. What route will be Efficient? Effective? Safe? Realistic? Have you truly made the decision to become as fit as possible? Have you mentally made that REAL choice or are you just looking for a discount to get started for the month - to give a half-ass try with a “trainer” who obtained his/her credentials the same day he/she filled out the job application? As if it were the Groupon was all the motivation needed to get started.... 

At CFDR, we coaches take immeasurable pride in two specific ideals: our programming, and our attention to detail in every, single, athlete. We don’t just have credentials; we LIVE credentials. We do homework… attend seminars.... take classes... research… study…. We scrutinize over every element in the field, no matter how trivial. We take on obstacles from clients as personal challenges to ourselves as professionals, be it from the utmost sedentary novices to the highest caliber elites. We owe it to our paying clients to never, EVER, compromise this integrity. We personally owe it to our clients because they are the most driven, motivated, fearless, unsurpassable individuals we've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  So the next time you look at prices when considering your pursuit of fitness, think about WHO and WHAT you’re really paying for.

Our Beliefs

You will never get stuck in a fitness routine because our workouts are always changing.  CrossFit Downriver is a place to achieve your personal fitness goals.  It is not "just a gym", it is a community of fitness newbs to advanced athletes, where egos and negativity are checked at the door.  All members inspire, motivate and push each other, regardless of fitness levels.  We work hard, we dig deep, we go beyond what we think we can, we sweat, we sweat and we sweat some more,  but we also have a lot of fun.  We have big classes, we have small classes, we have hard-core athletes, we have couch potatoes.  We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to improve their health.

Jason Khalipa stopped in just to check out our box on the way to the airport.  How cool is that?

What To Expect at CrossFit DownRiver

We are not your "normal" gym.   If you're interested in strolling on a treadmill while watching Jerry Springer, our gym is probably not the right place for you. At CFDR you pay us to train you.  Our program is centered on group training and is led by certified instructors.  Our coaches specialize in teaching proper technique  and form.  We scale all workouts to meet the needs of each individual.  Our coaching is active and constant and you should expect to constantly get feedback.  We expect you to listen and follow instructions, not only for your safety, but the safety of your fellow classmates.  You pay us to train you, and that's exactly what we do.